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I am looking for :

1) harry potter quidditch themed pops.

These are not available online anymore in India.

2) Also looking for HP & FB rock candy.

If anybody wants to sell then we can strike a deal. :geek:
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By homer akshay
Hi "SUMIPANDA", i have a couple of Rock Candy figures related to HP which I am willing to sell. They include "Bellatrix, Hermione, Harry, Ron".

Let me know if you are interested. :) 8-)
Hello.I have the first 6 harry potter funko rock candy's.I am lookin for the 2nd wave.I have the harry with the prophecy as well as dumbledore rock candy.I am looking for the other ones.If you have those do let me know.Thanks.
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By homer akshay
Hey I have uploaded a few of the Funko Pop and merchandise collections from all the series. Let me know incase you are interested.

:) ;)