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By mihir.954
hey guys when it comes to mobiles and their operating systems what do u prefer an android open source one which is openly compatible with a wide array of smartphones or an IOS based operating system which well the only downside is is designed only for apple what do u think guys which one is better of the two??
By medhaj_84
Hey Guys, both inventions though viz IOS platform and Android Platform have both its share of merits and demerits well known to all of us. I personally prefer Android Platform over IOS. Simple facts behind it are:
A) Tad easy to operate as well very easily maneuverable, unlike IOS platform which is preferable amongst only Apple users.
B)Powers all Economical gadgets and unlike IOS which is designed only to operate Apple products which tend to be very costly.
C) Android One version provides better security features on an economical price.
D) IOS platform through a tad more stable than Android. However, since it powers only Apple Inc. gadgets which on their price tag are costliest. Hence affordability and high skills are needed to operate IOS devices over Android devices.
Hence like Android over IOS. Over to other members to share their feedback.